5 Things Mobile Apps Can Learn From The 2019 Mary Meeker Predictions

10 July 2019

Mary Meeker’s annual Internet Trend Report is in for 2019, and we’ve highlighted some key takeaways for our partners. See below for how we are aiming to equip our partners with tools to succeed in the current climate.

Mobile Device Takeover

What’s most distinguishing about Mary Meeker’s 2019 profile of global internet users is a growing shift in mobile device usage. She focused on US users to demonstrate this shift, who are now spending 7% more time online than last year, mostly on their mobile devices. For the first time, these users are engaging with digital media more frequently on their mobile devices than their televisions. Moreover, 88% of users indicated that they engage with their mobile devices while watching TV.

What does this mean for our partners?

Mobile devices are the clear cornerstones for delivering digital media services, serving as both a primary and supplementary resource. Mobile apps that offer unique services, or services that perhaps complement other sources of digital media will perform well in this changing online landscape.  

Crafting an In-Depth Consumer Profile is Key

Today’s market leaders employ data plumbing techniques to bolster their consumer engagement across online platforms. At the heart of these techniques, is an in-depth understanding of the characteristics, consumption patterns, and preferences of users. Meeker points to companies from Qualtrics to Salesforce to FabFitFun that have all grown steadily, largely thanks to business models that integrate consumer profiles into marketing, sales, and service initiatives.

How can mobile partners better craft these user profiles?

Meeker points out that about 91% of retail customers prefer brands that make data-informed recommendations. Collecting consumer data is intrinsic to making these suggestions, both actively and passively, through mobile apps. Our platform can provide the tools and strategies to construct and utilize comprehensive user profiles to guide successful business efforts.

Recurring Relationships

One of the key data integration techniques that Meeker highlights is developing recurring relationships with users. In order to do this, she suggests that an infrastructure for communication across multiple channels, guided by “real-time, contextual information” is key to building these relationships. This can include anything from attention to user preferences from previous interactions with the app to situational/locational data triggering context-specific notifications.

How can Mobile Marketers build recurring relationships with their users?

Connecthings can help translate contextual user data to craft wiser, more targeted communication channels with our client’s target consumers. We can translate user data to ensure that users engage with the app more comfortably, strategically, and personally.

Awareness of Digital Overload

One of the most astonishing findings in Meeker’s report is the marked uptick in digital media usage and an associated rise in user awareness. The average adult in the US spends about 6.3 hours per day engaging with digital media. This increase has not gone unnoticed, with 26% of US adults noting that they were online “almost constantly.” A majority of these same users, about 63%, asserted that they are trying to limit their smartphone usage. Limiting screen time is increasingly becoming viewed as “healthier” than screen-time-overload, sparking a burgeoning shift towards mindful usage of internet products.

How can our mobile partners address this shift in mindset to better inform marketing strategies?

Targeted consumer engagement can proactively retain mobile app users by identifying moments of user downtime when mobile apps should refrain from engagement and moments of user availability when there is a strong opportunity to keep the user engaged. Examples of such engagement could be a notification calling them to meditate before bed, an alert to new coupons when near a grocery store. It is important to keep this shift in consumer mindset in mind, so that engagement strategies target users wisely, conserving resources and improving response rates.

Transparency to Level-Out Privacy Concerns

While users are largely encouraging data plumbing for shaping a more personalized app experience, they are concerned with the security of their information. The call for regulations surrounding user privacy is being addressed at the macro-level (legislation such as GDPR) and also the micro-level (transparency, consent, etc.). According to Meeker, user concerns have experienced a 12% decrease, partly due to these efforts.  

How can our partners work to quell privacy concerns surrounding user data collection?

Meeker points out that complying with legislation surrounding privacy rules and policies, as well as outlining a clear plan for privacy management, has helped to decrease overall concerns. Clear, accessible privacy plans can help ensure that users will feel comfortable sharing their personal data for use towards crafting a better overall app experience. 

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