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Herow closes $18.6 million round Series B.

Herow closes $18.6 million round for developers and marketers to serve contextual messages in mobile apps. Written by Paul Sawers for VentureBeat, October 15, 2019 12:02 AM. Herow, a French startup that helps marketers and app developers engage mobile users with contextual messaging, said it has closed an $18.6 million series B round of funding […]

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Mobile Matters for Business Success

Mobile phones have become ubiquitous – always on, everywhere. With two-thirds of the world’s population on mobile, these devices have become the most personal and powerful digital channel for people to interact with each other and directly with brands. Users are turning to their devices to search for information, purchase goods and services, and even […]

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dormant user

Reactivating the dormant user

Reactivation campaigns are an essential cog in the mobile marketing machine and are critical to high engagement and retention rates. In fact, mobile apps retain only 8% of their acquired users after 1 month, and users end up spending 80% of their active mobile time on 3 mobile apps. To get users’ attention and stay top of mind, reactivation campaigns are crucial to remind the user of the mobile app’s service and value.

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