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dormant user

Reactivating the dormant user

Reactivation campaigns are an essential cog in the mobile marketing machine and are critical to high engagement and retention rates. In fact, mobile apps retain only 8% of their acquired users after 1 month, and users end up spending 80% of their active mobile time on 3 mobile apps. To get users’ attention and stay top of mind, reactivation campaigns are crucial to remind the user of the mobile app’s service and value.

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Welcome to the team, Cédric Nicolas!

Cédric Nicolas becomes our new CTO! He will lead our engineering teams and ensure the execution of our location intelligence platform Herow. New York: We announced today the appointment of Cédric Nicolas as our new Chief Technology Officer (CTO). This news comes on the heels of the appointment of Robert Unsworth as a Chief Revenue […]

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Welcome to the team, Rob Unsworth & Pascal Ehrsam!

Rob Unsworth and Pascal Ehrsam will drive growth strategies following the company’s release of its new augmented location platform Herow NEW YORK- Connecthings announced the appointment of Robert Unsworth as Chief Revenue Officer and Pascal Ehrsam as Chief Brand Officer. The executive team expansion follows the company’s successful launch of its augmented location solution Herow […]

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