10 November 2017

LA CoMotion is an Expo and a Festival that brings the best of New Mobility – organized by the NewCities Foundation, an international nonprofit organization dedicated to improving life in cities, and is focused on people, places and policies. The Expo will showcase the world’s latest urban mobility achievements and innovations changing the way we live, walk, bike, and ride.

Connecthings will power an interactive experience to enhance the congress visit by connecting the visitors to the Expo, using physical web technology. It will allow visitors with smartphones to access relevant content about LA CoMotion agenda and exhibitors depending on where they are in the Expo.

« New mobile solutions are at the heart of the mobility revolution and LA CoMotion is the perfect showcase for us. Connecthings is using a wide-range of technologies in 60 cities to change the way we take public transport in Paris, to enhance wayfinding for blind commuters in Austin or help local commerce in New York City” says Laetitia Gazel Anthoine, CEO & Founder, Connecthings.

Connecthings pioneered the mobility revolution since its inception, building with European transit operators and cities some of the first connected and intelligent transit infrastructures. Connecthings is now empowering state-of-the-art mobility services for more than 60 cities worldwide, connecting more than 130 000 connected public places.

Connecthings was awarded World’s Best Solution for “Mobility & Sustainability» at the 2016 Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona.

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