Connecthings partners with Toot Sweet, the app bringing a new spark to Parisian nightlife thanks to augmented location

8 November 2018

Connecthings signs a new partnership with the lifestyle and entertainment app Toot Sweet to help offer its users exciting experiences using augmented location. The mobile app promotes events and places to its 200,000 strong community, based on their locations and habits.

Connecthings is proud to announce a new partnership with Toot Sweet, the mobile app that challenges Paris’s nightlife routine with spontaneous and inspiring suggestions. The app proposes a curated selection of venues and events happening in real time or in the next few hours near the user’s location.

Connecthings’ advanced location technologies associated to machine learning helps Toot Sweet engage its users at the right time and tailor the options it offers them.

A technology that promotes immediacy

When nothing is planned, everything becomes possible”. Toot Sweet proposes a bunch of thrilling events and venues that users can swipe right or left depending on their desires (reminds you of other apps, maybe?). Through its augmented location platform, and the contextual data that can be generated from users locations and patterns, Connecthings is a real asset for the mobile app. With Connecthings’ technology integrated into the application, Toot Sweet boosts its users’ spontaneity with contextualized notifications.

We are glad to work side by side with Toot Sweet. Our augmented location platform brings a real value to what makes the application really stand out: its ability to interact in real time with users” confirms Laetitia Gazel Anthoine, CEO and founder of Connecthings.

Hatem Chelbi, co-founder and CEO of Toot Sweet, says: “Today, it is clear that there is a growing appetite from people for instant gratification, getting everything, right away. We want to order everything in a few clicks and offers and services must adapt. Toot Sweet was born from this trend, and today we are glad to improve our application thanks to the Connecthings’ platform. By combining our forces, we change the way people consume culture and entertainment in a much bigger way”.

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