Connecthings signs a partnership with Citygoo to offer ridesharing options in case of delays in public transport

29 May 2018

Connecthings has signed a partnership with Citygoo, a leading car pooling app in France, to create an exclusive Smart Alert© service that warns the user of the delay or cancellation of their next bus or train while offering them a ride-share alternative.

By joining their know-how in geo-location and machine learning, the two start-ups intend with Smart Alert© to bring to Citygoo’s 400,000 users a smarter, faster and more connected mobility experience. And thus transform them into “Smart Citizens”.

Smart Alert © relies on real-time information from transit network activity as well as other contextual elements such as traffic or the local weather. Thanks to the Citygoo app, users will quickly find a solution to their transport problems in case of disruption to their normal commute.

Patrick Robinson Clough, CEO of Citygoo: “By combining our strengths, the creation of Smart Alert© will enable our users to benefit from connected intelligence to enhance their day-to-day travel experience. No more delays or cancellations prevented at the last moment without any back-up solution. Our app users could become Smart Citizens in a very simple way, without any cost to them”

“This partnership with Citygoo is the result of a change in people’s mobility behaviours towards growing intermodality, which will be of great benefit to citizens in their everyday travels”, Laetitia Gazel Anthoine, CEO of Connecthings

“With this intelligent, personalized and non-intrusive alert system, we bring added value making communication between the application and the user more relevant and making it easier to make decisions among the different options available when needed”, adds Laetitia Gazel Anthoine, CEO of Connecthings.

Based on its machine learning technology at the heart of its urban covert platform, Citygoo saves time and money on journeys poorly served by transport. A convenient way of getting around, Citygoo is specially designed for suburban or suburban commuter journeys where transportation offers are particularly limited or even absent.

The only platform to offer instant carpooling, to date the application facilitates 100,000 journeys per month, which places it as one of the leaders in urban ride-sharing with a market share estimated at 45% of all trips made.

Connecthings provides the Citygoo application with true location intelligence that includes multiple real-time data points. Combining this intelligent geolocation expertise with mobile expertise and tools, Connecthings enables application vendors such as Citygoo to create more engagement by triggering the app at the right time and in the right place.

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