HEROW can send user events and user traits to Iterable as a source. Clients of Iterable can use those events and user traits to segment and engage users.

This integration allows HEROW to push to Iterable geofence events and some useful user’s attributes to improve customer communication:

  • Users’ home and work city ZIP codes
  • First user location (just after installing the app)
  • Geofence live events for entry and exit zones, users’ home and work locations
  • User segments based on locations and behaviors like long commuters, workaholics, leaving work late, etc.

To configure the Iterable integration in HEROW, you need the Key from your Iterable account.

To easily integrate HEROW with Iterable, just follow these steps:

  • Go on your HEROW dashboard > settings > integrations and click on Connect with Iterable
  • Tap on the button “Connect with Iterable”:
  • Now you need the Iterable key, go to Iterable > Integration > API keys
  • You are now in API keys, copy the token
  • Paste the Iterable’s Key from Iterable to HEROW
  • You are done! You can now select the data you want to transmit to Iterable:

Note 1: to receive geofence live events for zones, you must activate “GLE – Geofence Live Events” option in manage zones on HEROW:

Note 2: to receive geofence live events for user’s home and office locations, you must activate “live events options” on HEROW in Settings > General