HEROW can send events and user traits to Segment as a source. Segment can send those events and user traits to your warehouse and to hundreds of destinations.

There are two prerequisites to configure the Segment integration:

  • You must add the HEROW Source in Segment
  • You must find the Write Key for your Segment account

First, add the HEROW Source in Segment. To add the source, read Segment’s documentation.

Next, configure the Segment integration in HEROW. To do this, you need the Write Key from your Segment account.

Copy and Paste the Segment’s Write Key from Segment to HEROW:

  1. Log into Segment and navigate to your project
  2. Navigate to Sources and select your HEROW source
  3. Select API Keys on the Source integration’s menu bar
  4. Copy the Write Key as shown in the text box
  5. Log into HEROW and navigate to Settings
  6. Paste the Write Key here: Settings > Integrations > Segment
  7. You are done!

The API Keys section of Segment’s UI.

The Integrations section of HEROW’s UI

To learn more about this integration and see the full list of events and user traits HEROW is sending to Segment, see the source documentation hosted on Segment.

Note 1: to receive geofence live events for zones, you must activate “GLE – Geofence Live Events” option in manage zones:

Note 2: to receive geofence live events for user’s home and office locations, you must activate “live events options” in Settings > General