Introducing Custom Contextual Segments

16 December 2019

User segments are a critical tool used by mobile apps to drive their targeting strategies and marketing efforts at large.

The problem with current user segments

The HEROW team has observed a lack of relevance and precision in the way that apps group and target their mobile users, and in turn the team wanted to offer a solution to these problems: 

1) Mobile apps do not have enough information on their users’ interests and needs.

Surveying a panel of mobile apps we have come to the conclusion that not fully understanding user interests and the need for the service is a problem shared by many mobile apps. Demographic and app event data can only go so far as to inform an app on what are the interests of their users and understanding why and when users are active in the app.

2) Every business has different needs

Every app that we have talked to had their own business models with different types of users and different experiences that they wish to create in the app. In consequence, it is paramount for an app to customize their user segmentation to these specificities. 

Introducing the HEROW custom segments panel

To offer a solution to both the problems mentioned above, the HEROW team has created a dedicated panel within the platform that allows clients to customize user segments based on their behavior at the locations that matter to them. 

For example, an event listing mobile application might group its users based on how frequently they visit concert venues and other event locations. A mobile app that allows booking restaurants, might segment its users based on how frequently they go to restaurants.

1) The action performed by the user: 

  • Visit (Users visited the location at least…)
  • Open the app (Users have been active at the location at least…)
  • Live in/Work in 

2) To what extent:

  • More/less than/ Between X times (Visited more than 5 times)
  • More/less than/Between X time spent (Visited for more than 30 minutes)
  • Before/after Time o’clock (Visited location before 5pm)

3) Where:

  • Precise location: (Users visited a specific store)
  • Location category (Users spent time in shopping malls)
  • Country/city (User live or work in country/city)

4) When:

  • Today/Yesterday
  • 2/3/4/5 days ago
  • last 7/30 days
  • Start date / End date

How apps can increase revenue with these custom segments

Custom segments bring relevance to the engagement strategies of mobile app and in turn increase their success rate.

1. Increase conversions with retargeting campaigns: If your business has physical locations or partners with some, you can use these custom segments to re-engage with users that have visited the location.

Ex: A loyalty card app that re-engages with users after they have visited a partner location.

2. Increase retention and LTV with personalized communication: Whatever your line of business you can adapt your communication based on user interests to increase user retention rate, and adapt offers or call to actions to drive user LTV.

Ex: An event app that adapts communication based on user interest in sports, theater, cinema, and tailors offers to these interests.

Try for yourself!

In a few clicks, and at no cost, you can sign up on the HEROW platform and start sending user events to your backend. Also, feel free to use the chat bubble to ask a member of the team more information about this feature and how user context recognition can improve your business.

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