Introducing User Segments based on commuting times

21 January 2020

The HEROW team is proud to announce that we have released a new segmentation feature on the platform. The HEROW SDK is now able to understand the commuting patterns of mobile users and clients will now be able to group these users according to how long their typical commute is: whether their commute is less than 30min, between 30 min and 1 hour, or more than 1 hour.

Why does this matter?

Commuting times are a prime moment for mobile apps to engage and create experiences for their users. The ‘Contextual Engagement Report’ produced by the HEROW Market Research team in July 2019, showed that ‘while commuting’ is among the top 3 user contexts for mobile apps to engage with their users.

33% of users selected “while in passive transport (subways, train, bus)” as their preferred moment to receive communication from mobile apps.

The HEROW platform now allows mobile apps to take the commuting time of users into consideration in their engagement campaigns and in-app experiences (examples below). In doing so, the platform allows apps to link their app experiences with the context of their users, increasing open rates and usage levels of the app. User needs are context-driven, app experiences should be as well.

A few applied examples

The key benefit of integrating user commuting times within app engagement and experiences is to increase the Stickiness of mobile apps. By linking the available time that users have in their commute, with the content that is available and suggested to them, mobile apps have a much higher chance of integrating the daily routines of their users.

  • A News app might engage with users that have a medium or long commute, suggesting them to read the app’s “Daily Digest” during that time. KPIs impacted: Stickiness, Monthly Active Users, Retention Rate
  • A Podcast app might suggest different program lengths depending on the average commuting time of the user. KPIs impacted: Stickiness, Communication conversion rate
  • A Video media app might re-engage less active users that typically have a medium/long commute with a suggestion of what to watch during their commute. KPIs impacted: Stickiness, Retention rate 

Try for yourself!

In a few clicks, and at no cost, you can sign up on the HEROW platform and start sending user events to your backend. Also, feel free to use the chat bubble to ask a member of the team more information about this feature and how user context recognition can improve your business.

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