Le Monde Awards Connecthings for International Efforts to Support Blind Commuters

12 July 2018

Last March, Connecthings partnered with RATP Dev US, Capital Metro and BlindSquare to conduct a pilot program designed to transform the way blind and visually impaired transit users interact with service in the city of Austin, Texas.

Through the use of Connecthings urban location technology and mobility intelligence, users of the popular navigation application are now able to automatically obtain real-time information on bus schedules and receive service alerts when they are near the bus stop.

The innovative program eliminates barriers to communication that can complicate the lives of the visually impaired and demonstrates how well transportation systems can deliver clear and effective information to first-mile users when leveraging location intelligence technologies.

Highlighting the program’s success, Le Monde selected Connecthings for the “Smart Cities World” Mobility Award as part of its third annual international competition focused on urban innovation projects. The award honors urban innovation actors who provide services that enhance quality of life and protect the environment. Winners were selected by an international jury composed of academics, urban planners, architects, experts from private or public companies, and journalists from Le Monde. Awards were presented on Wednesday, July 11, at a conference on cities of tomorrow organized by Le Monde at Marina Bay Sands, held in conjunction with the World Cities Summit in Singapore.

The Austin pilot is a prime example of how Connecthings intelligent location solutions can drive urban engagement and create a more valuable application experience for users.


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