Bring value while respecting user privacy

Since its creation, the mission of HEROW is to bring value to end users, while respecting their privacy. 

Before HEROW,  our location technology was delivered to public institutions, it goes without saying that our technology development had to be built by abiding strictly citizen privacy. 

Thus, this respect for privacy is part of our history and is rooted in the HEROW’s DNA. 

Our commitment to privacy highlights what our company has built over the years and the concrete actions we put in place to ensure the highest level of user privacy.


We ensure that our customers are the only legitimate owners of their users' data

We give our app clients tools to establish a relationship of trust with their users

  • We know that providing a clear and easy way to control the use of data encourages mobile users to share their location.
  • We provide our client solutions to put in place the proper architecture in order to comply with the privacy measures imposed by regulation.
  • We develop the HEROW SDK thanks to our multiple learnings to provide guidance and best practices to apps looking to collect location in a privacy respectful way.

We advise our clients on how to collect data in a transparent way with educational prompts

  • We believe that transparency and value are two major components that drive high end-user consent rate
  • Our aim is to guide mobile apps to better engage theirs users while having irreproachable practices in terms of user privacy
  • Our team is dedicated to play an advisory role, providing our customers a complete picture of their legal obligations