Powered by Connecthings’ beacon network, Milano City mobile application « VisitMilano » now connects mobile users with nearby tourist information

8 June 2017

The City of Milano well-known urban totems are now equipped with Connecthings’ Bluetooth beacons. These beacons are able to interact with all mobile applications (when the Bluetooth is activated on the smartphone) to send contextualized information. The mobile application “VisitMilano” is the first application powered by Connecthings’ Internet of Things platform to interact with the beacon network.

“The City of Milano is willing to embrace new technologies able to bring better, useful access to information to its citizens and visitors. We believe in “smart cities” able to facilitate everyday life. Smartphones are everyday tools that connect to transportation services, cultural activities, local commerces… Internet of Things technologies, such as Connecthings’ platform, helps to connect the city physical space to the existing, digital information useful to our citizens” says Renato Galliano, Director of Urban Economy and Employment Directorate of Milan Municipality

When approaching a totem, Milanese residents, visitors, tourists…having downloaded VisitMilano mobile application – will receive contextualized information about historical or cultural landmarks in the vicinity of the connected totems.

“We are very proud to partner with the City of Milano and bring the latest of smart city technologies in the hands of residents and visitors. Our beacon network can interact with as many mobile applications as possible. “VistMilano” pioneers this new service – and soon more mobile applications will be able to interact with smartphones and provide access to useful nearby information” says Laetitia Gazel Anthoine, CEO and Founder of Connecthings.


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