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Custom volumes and services

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  • Custom MLU
  • Custom Zones Tracked
  • Custom API calls/month
  • Unlimited Apps
  • Dedicated CSM


Start optimising your app experience

$ 999
  • 250K MLU
  • 10K Zones Tracked
  • 150K API calls/month
  • 2 Apps
  • Onboarding + chat support


All you need to better understand your users

$ 0
No credit card, No trial limit
  • 100K MLU
  • 1K Zones Tracked
  • 10K API calls/month
  • 1 Apps
  • Chat support

Included in every plan

Detection of user
home, work & commute

Analyze, segment and engage users based on their daily life routines and moments.

Segmentation module
based on real-world behavior

Create cohorts of users based on customized conditions of user behavior at key locations

Engagement module to trigger localized notifications

Trigger notification messages when users are at specific locations or specific moments of their day

Frequently Asked Questions

Monthly located users are users who agreed to the GDPR and location permission.

All existing features are included in this plan. Only volume limits are applied to cap this plan.

Forever until you reach the threshold of 100K Monthly Located Users.

A location on HEROW is a circle-shaped virtual perimeter ranging from 50 m radius all the way up to 2.5 km.

HEROW recognizes user attributes based on location and recurrence. These groups of alike users are grouped into native segments. The free plan allows you to group up to 1,000 users.

Engaged users are users who receive either a notification (push or proximity-based) or an in-app action from the HEROW platform.

With HEROW you can in a few minutes observe the current distribution of your user base, analyze population movements patterns at key business locations to be used to segment & engage specifically with users or extract to external platforms, enriching drastically your customer understanding.

HEROW combines a mobile SDK and platform. Information is generated from your users’ devices and aggregated on our platform.

The HEROW SDK supports both native iOS and Android and cross-platform frameworks (React Native, Cordova, Flutter & Unity)

Between installation and testing, HEROW should not take you longer than a day (4 hours installation, 4 hours of testing).

HEROW is both GDPR and CCPA compliant. No data is ever collected without your end-user’s explicit approval. Also, our privacy API enables you to delete any user’s specific information at any given time