There is a very strong Smart City evolution toward calls for innovations – LA. Batard-Dupré VP Sales North America

28 December 2017

  1. What would you highlight for 2017 in terms of market trends in the US ?

The highlight is without hesitation the booming of service offers in the transport industry: dockless bike-share, electric car-sharing, dockless electric scooters. The autonomous vehicle has also received a lot the news: Waymo self-driving car (ex. Google car), Uber, Tesla truck, etc. Additionally, there are autonomous shuttles for public transport worth mentioning, such as the recently-launched shuttles in Las Vegas with our partner Keolis or in Austin with RATP Dev that we accompany alongside Capital Metro. As a result, the battle against traffic congestion has been revived and is driven by the ambitious projects of Elon Musk’s high-speed train, Hyperloop, or Arrivo next-gen highways in Denver.

More generally, there is a very strong Smart City evolution toward calls for innovations that focuses more on “citizen-centric problem-solving services”. This evolution is obviously going in the right direction because Smart City projects that are solely technology-oriented are doomed to fail.


  1. What were the milestones attained by Connecthings in 2017?

We are very proud to have won many Innovation Challenges, especially in New York, to support the development of the local economy (NYC Neighborhood Challenges) and to help improve the accessibility for low-vision and blind citizens (NYC & BCN Challenges, Citymart Challenges). The fact that we operate geolocated beacon networks in the city, open to all types of mobile applications, is extremely attractive for municipalities.

We are also a key partner in Current by GE’s Smart City ecosystem. We are working to make smarter streetlights in the cities to better connect citizens to the real-time information available to them.


  1. What are your perspectives for 2018?

Connecthings is number one in the world!

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